CONNVEX is a rich and scalable cloud-based platform that enables the sharing of big data analytics among various stakeholders in the global connected vehicle industry. It connects people, vehicles, fleets, infrastructures, OEMs, suppliers, governments, and financial industry partners to harness the benefits of digital transformation.

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CONNVEX propels business model innovation and the creation of value in areas ranging from mobile resource management to autonomous driving, electric mobility to advanced diagnostics and prognostics, digital freight brokerage to intelligent transportation systems. The platform’s leading cloud-based analytics provide unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency in the mobility of freight and people.

CONNVEX is designed to deliver:

  • TCO reduction

  • Safety and ADAS enhancement

  • Predictive analytics

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  • A set of integrated services that are modular, cloud-based and purpose-built for IoT and vehicle connectivity;
  • Capability of analyzing millions of data points exchanged per second in real-time;
  • Interoperability that ensures autonomous and interactive flow among ecosystems of things;
  • A purpose-built cloud platform that supports the infrastructure agnostic and highly scalable connected vehicle universe;


  • Massively scalable, secure data integration capability;
  • Secure storage of billions anonymized data points pertinent to telematics, facilitating high-definition autonomous driving;
  • Enterprise-grade platform that enables information transfer and allocation throughout the ecosystem in a secure and seamless manner.

Timelapse of 24 hours of traffic in Toronto

timelapse of total daily harsh braking events

timelapse of 24 hours of harsh braking events

A day in the life of a city can be chaotic but very insightful for data scientists and developers. This is what powers CONNVEX, and its analytics enable actionable insights that facilitate the development of solutions and business models built from sources, such as traffic flow data shown above.


These can be solutions that address areas such as:

  • Intelligent transportation systems;

  • OEM and tier-1 supplier parts and warranty management;

  • Digital freight brokerage (e.g. Uber for trucks);

  • Road/infrastructure maintenance and refurbishment;

  • Aftermarket service and retail footprint planning;

  • Electric vehicle mobility design and development;

  • System and component failure analysis, driving prognostics and remote diagnostics;

  • Dynamic navigation;

  • E-retailing and related logistics planning and monitoring;

  • Smart city planning and operations.


Ushering a new era in the fleet IoT evolution, CONNVEX enables disparate stakeholding parties to harness innovative cloud infrastructure, predictive analytics, and end-user value augmentation to propel new business model solutions and co-create new and sustainable revenue streams.