CONNVEX for Fleets


CONNVEX helps fleets derive maximum effectiveness and efficency from their mobile resources and assets. It generates an array of fleet-focused services and solutions that help lower operating cost, reduce downtime, enhance safety and security of equipment, and create new revenue streams. CONNVEX is changing the game for business fleets, bringing a unique conglomerate of big data that provides revolutionary end-to-end fleet management solutions.


Converging all parties involved in fleet mobility into one cloud network, CONNVEX allows unprecedented tailoring of products and services that help fleets maximize return on investment from connected fleet solutions.


With the purview and actionable intelligence provided by CONNVEX, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers will be able to hone into the immediate and prospective needs of fleet owners and drivers in order to accelerate innovation in the industry.

Fleet managers have long desired telematics solutions that offer more information and less data. CONNVEX is built around this requirement. Extensive research and analysis was leveraged in developing this unique platform. The result is a massively scalable ecosystem that offers active and accurate visibility of fleet assets, remote diagnostics and prognostics that bring higher productivity and reduce downtime. It brings new solutions, such as video telematics to help facilitate fleet safety, and creates new income opportunities for fleet-owners and owner-operators.



  • Efficient mobile resource management;
  • Heightened fleet safety and cargo security;
  • Insightful analytics offering both panoramic and granular view into all aspects of fleet management;
  • Fleet revenue generation opportunities through BigRoad freight


  • Comprehensive regulation compliance support;
  • Simplified back office automation;
  • Actionable insights for training and constant improvements;
  • Powerful analytics driving effective business decisions;
  • Higher utilization of fleet assets and resources