CONNVEX for Infrastructure


There are more cars on the road than ever before. Smarter, greener municipal infrastructure and innovative urban planning are an immediate need, as cities face increased traffic congestion, suffocated mobility and higher emissions. CONNVEX is the most innovative and scalable global connected vehicle ecosystem, designed to expedite the advent of connected technologies for improved mobility of freight and people.

CONNVEX will help cities and municipalities reduce carbon footprint and build a more intelligent transportation system, bringing new possibilities for autonomous and electric mobility, better vehicle utilization, reduced idling, efficient fleet operations, digitally-optimized freight distribution, and ride sharing.


CONNVEX enables collaboration between the widest range of stakeholders, such as OEMs, suppliers, aftermarket participants, financial institutions and other parties, to co-create solutions that help vehicles, fleets, businesses, cities, and economies thrive.

Harnessing the prolific data from various ecosystem contributors, CONNVEX delivers actionable intelligence based on current driver and vehicle capacity, diagnostics and prognostics, traffic conditions, location monitoring, real-time fleet utilization, driving behaviour, idling time, fuel usage, and safety standards. Globally scalable, this platform will also power e-commerce and freight digitization in both developed markets and emerging economies, leveraging census data for cost-effective solutions.

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  • Developing smart cities through Vision Zero Network;
  • Reducing congestion through intelligent transportation system and better vehicle utilization;
  • Lowering emission levels though optimized routing, smart navigation, and minimal idling;


  • Enabling effective and efficient movement of freight and people;
  • Improving economic opportunities through better mobility;
  • Globally scalable platform for regional deployments.